We love everything plants offer us. Their beauty, ability to transform an interior and most importantly their incredible ability to remove harmful toxins from our indoor environments. Indoor air is far more polluted than the air outside, this is because of the off gassing from many common household and business products known as volatile organic compounds or VOC's. These highly toxic and often carcinogenic VOC's are found everywhere from paints, furniture, cleaning products and cosmetics, just to name a few. Extensive studies have uncovered certain plants are able to remove particular VOCs from the air by absorbing them through their leaves and also processing them through their root systems. We could talk about this all day. This is what we are most passionate about and would love to share our knowledge with you. We have carefully curated and meticulously selected range of air purifuling plants available through our in store and through our At Home consultations.

Along with being incredible at removing harmful toxins from the air, some indoor plants including most of the above range can be toxic to dogs, cats and humans if ingested. But with some careful positioning and planning you can still include the plants in your home. Try hanging these plants out of the way of pets and young children, educate your kids about tearing up their parents foliage and accidentally ingesting harmful substances. You could also try placing your plants on top of shelves or other plant holders including stands and benches.

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